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"During the 2011 US debt ceiling crisis, some Republicans supported a bill that would avert the crisis by raising the debt ceiling, but with an increase that would not take effect until a balanced-budget amendment was approved by both houses of Congress and submitted to the states.(see note 1) In addition to balancing the budget, it would also would impose a constitutional limit on federal spending as a percentage of gross domestic product and would set a supermajority requirement on tax increases."
Matthews, Dylan (July 7, 2011). "New balanced budget amendment, not the same as the old balanced budget amendment". The Washington Post.
note 1 - Congressional Research Service. "Bill Summary & Status, 112th Congress (2011 - 2012), H.R.2560, CRS Summary".
Seeing as how the Republicans have been pushing for this very bad idea ever since the Johnson administration, how can the conservative camp continue to support this party? It is bad for business, bad for the economy, and bad for America.

I presume you meant "some" Republicans, not "the" Republicans. By the same token, some Democrats have supported big reductions in defense budgets and capabilities going at least that far back -- but some have not.

Those are examples of why many people are calling themselves independents these days.

I think we can now safely say that "some Republicans" equals "all but four Republican congressmen".

That's correct.

I forgot to mention that "some Democrats" actually do understand what drives real economic growth -- even though the rest of them continue to worship at the altar of intelligent design economics.

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