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That's really really sad Steve. You are the one who started the ball rolling for me and caused me to completely change my politics. Your unwavering logic and unique insight all based on facts and empirical evidence changed what I thought I understood about economics and the world.

I hope by "what's next" you mean you will start another blog or some type of published commentary so I can continue to learn from you.

-Mike Hinton
Physics Grad Student

Keep your blog going, Steve.

Your images are great, but it's really the thoughts that count.

Gotta be frustrating, but I hope you stay with it in some fashion. This is one of my favorite blogs.

Please keep the blog going, Steve.

Oh, btw, it's not just images. I've recently switched machines and my OPML file got corrupted in the process, so I've been forced to re-subscribe to all my favorite blogs.

Your subscription link no longer works either.

"The link may not point to a valid RSS source."


Please, please, please keep blogging. Your voice is too important to go silent.

I've used your analysis and insights on several occasions to quiet a room full of liberals. I live in Los Angeles California, so there are many opportunities. Some may have even turned away from the “dark side”

You, Steve are part of the arsenal of freedom loving citizens. Your contributions are essential and enduring.

Kerry Lohr-Williams
Aerospace Engineer

Not certain I understand the problem as described. If Typepad uses dynamic dns,


your DNS service needs to know that and enable accordingly.

Network Solutions does not automatically figure out that the domain name transfer is for a dynamic DNS entry?


Appears the links have returned. We who lurk are thankful! Appreciate your effort in keeping us all educated. Thank you for spending the time.

I believe in your blog Steve. It's worth continuing.

I don't know of any other voices saying what you say in such clear terms.

I started my own blog & modified my thinking greatly due to your insights.

Really, Steve, even if not to inform and educate (i.e., for "us"), then you need to keep this blog going for you, as a place to share your random quirky thoughts, such as the chart showing what small piece of the Earth's history has actually sustained human life (which I can't find now). Who else is going to think up something like that? Just you. And what good are those sudden insights kept to yourself?

Thanks folks. The domain switch appears to have broken a lot of links cached for the google site search box, too. Here's a new link to the geological timescale article:

I'll try to get back onto some kind of regular schedule. Thoughts that can be readily classified as iconoclastic or oddball are still occurring to me on a regular basis.

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