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Steve I have a couple of questions. First has you new protocol to sign in had the desired effect? It probably stopped a lot of “drive by bloggers” from making assaults on your site, but has it stifled the responses? Or it that the goal. Kudlow could not take the flack on his blog, so he shut his comments off altogether. But Kudlow was one of the most incompetent economists I have ever known, and he hardly ever spewed out a subject that he was not dead wrong on. On the other hand, you are extremely logical and seem to hold your own on your blog.

Second, what happened to your Dave Chapelle post? It got more response then your last 5 posts.


The new protocol has, so far, completely eliminated the cowards, so yes, it has had the desired effect.

Greg Mankiw is another who has shut off all comments -- not because he couldn't take it, but because he didn't have time for it. Regarding Kudlow: I like him a lot, primarily because of his optimism. He is a necessary counterbalance to those who are always finding the gray cloud within the silver lining -- and he always insists that the opposing points of view are represented on his show. He knows how to ask the right question at the right time, too; it's the most information-packed hour on TV, in my opinion. Because of all that, I've learned more about current economics events by watching the conversations on his show than from any other venue. My judgment; yours obviously differs.

I deleted the Chapelle post, because I decided after the fact that it was not suitable for this blog. IOW, I changed my mind, which happens a lot. And I am not out to maximize visitors, so I don't care how many responses it received; I write primarily to learn, not to attract constituents. Most commenters here have helped me in that regard, especially now that the cowards are staying away.

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