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I am all for it. I will boycott the next dozen or so penguin movies that come out this year.

BTW, I keep reading economists saying that the appreciation of the yuan will not affect their trade balance much....uhhhh, then why are my suppliers in China griping non-stop about it?

Had the same thing happen before with Taiwan when their dollar appreciated.

Float the yuan and mess up their economy, or fix to the $ and import OUR inflation. Great options to pick from.

I always enjoy your blog; I lurk every few weeks. Is there any way that your readers may help support your work?

I'm with Meelhama -- I read you weekly, and would be glad to help out, if needed, by doing things like digging for data, maintaining and updating datafiles, etc. Whatever would be helpful for you and educational for me.

Meelhama and Robert:

Thank you, and sorry for the delayed response. This thing started out as a hobby, but is now taking a third of my time. I'm starting to organize a book, mostly using material already available at this blog, that will eventually be available on demand thru online publishing, probably in iUniverse. What would really help would be for you to email me with your prioritization of the top three topics (in your opinion) that I've been covering -- i.e., what made the biggest impression on you, and why. That will help me filter the material and organize it more productively.

Thanks for your feedback, and thanks for the generous offer. Open to anyone who reads this, too.

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