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I agree, Russ Roberts' podcasts are extraordinary. They have transformed my morning commute. For a while, as I caught up with previous episodes, I had something to listen to every day. Now I have to wait a whole week for the new ones.

And to think he gives it away for free! Who says there are no hundred dollar bills lying on the sidewalk?


I've been using this site and a variety of audiobooks to improve my economic education for the past year. (Thank you for your contribution!)

The next accessory you may want is a local FM transmitter for in-car listening (presuming your car isn't already equipped with a file-compatible in-dash player). This makes commuting something I almost look forward to.

By the way, TypeKey's comment filtering algorithm doesn't care much for "em pea three". Had to edit out direct reference to the file extension.

Yep -- at first I thought podcasts would add some variety to my walking/working out/driving and prevent be getting too bored listening to the same music. But by now I've nearly abandoned music altogether.

IMHO FM transmitters totally suck, so I sprung for a new Alpine car stereo with iPod interface and cable. Pretty sweet.

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