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» Fiscal Responsibility” defined at last from Justus For All
The Skeptical Optimist, always a must read, offers up his definition of Fiscal Responsibility: Fiscal Responsibililty - The body of growth-oriented federal laws and policies that sustain the nation’s debt-to-GDP ratio at 60% plus-or-minus 20%. He giv... [Read More]

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Reading Steve Conovers Skeptical Optimist always brightens my day a bit. I recommend Fiscal Responsibility defined at last. For motivation, heres one of the sharply made points, one that I fully understand from the corporat... [Read More]

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[LINK] Steve Conover, The Skeptical Optimist The Skeptical Optimist provides a better debt clock (in the upper right corner) which provides the National Debt, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and Debt as a % of GDP. As of this posting, [Read More]