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...for one thing he is unparalleled at lobbing snark at the EU: re: "warnings the world may dump the dollar and move on to that oh-more-nuanced Euro": ...I have a question about all this. Roughly 25% of the US landmass... [Read More]

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My liberal friends on here are awfully fond of complaining that our national debt is a serious problem that will slowly bankrupt us over the next several decades. Quite simply, they're all wrong, absolutely, utterly wrong. When placed in the... [Read More]

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Having spent the last four days in the grip of a particularly vicious migraine, I awoke this morning hungry for revenge. Then it hit me: what better way to wallow in decadence and give rein to my wildest fantasies than... [Read More]

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[LINK] The Skeptical Optimist The Skeptical Optimist provides a better debt clock (in the upper right corner) which provides the National Debt, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and Debt as a % of GDP. As of this posting, Debt is [Read More]